Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Present for a new born

Making a present for a newborn baby is challenging:
- he/she grows fast, you want something that can keep up and not out dated in couple of days
- it needs to be safe
- he/she should enjoy it.
- the parents needs to enjoy it too

I had many ideas, and eventually settled on wooden letter blocks that spell out the name.
- the letters are cut from a piece of Walnut, and all finish are natural oil/wax, so it's safe.
- the wood grain runs through the letter to give a hint of ordering.
- the letter can be re-arranged, so it can be played with
- after the kids out grown it, it can be hanged on the wall like a picture
- it's simple to make

After I made it, my 5yo daughter really likes it, so I guess I'll need to make one for her :)

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