Thursday, January 19, 2017

From trash to ... less trash -- Natural edge bowl

My friend is cutting down some trees, mostly oak. He also cut down a not so big Apricot tree. I still managed to pick up some section that might be interesting to turn. This section is about 7-8 inches, not very big.

I used a worm screw to hold it in the chuck, and at the beginning I also use tail stock to help secure it. I used 300rpm to start with, and once it's balanced a little bit, I turn speed up to 550rpm.
Once I'm happy with the rough shape, I turned a tenon, and use the chuck to hold it to hollow it. I use scraper to hollow it.

Once rough turned, I put it in microwave oven to dry. Used 50% power for 15 mins, then let it cool. I repeated it about 10 times, weight it in between, until the weight doesn't change anymore.

After that I sand it and applied Festool surfix finish to it. It worked out better than I thought, love the rustic look of the bowl and the grain looks fantastic.

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