Thursday, November 3, 2016

wood carving fun

I was watch some random youtube video, and this carving video caught my eye. It's so simple, and seems easy to make, and you have have your woodworking fun around your kids. And the tools that is needed is minimum.

You know me, I have to start a project with build the tool needed. I ordered some knife blade from Hock tools. and made couple knife. I used a piece of scrape white oak that I found in the trash to make the handle. The piece was pretty small and wrapped, but it has some super cool burl on it. I cut the kerf for the blade on a Dremel ultra saw, because that's the only blade has such a thin kerf. Then I hand shaped it with a rasp then sand to finish. It looked great, I'm so glad I pick the piece out of the trash.

The actual carving went pretty smooth. There's only 3 types of basic cuts: push, pull, stop, the basic idea is that you always have a pivot point that is in contact with the piece, so you have good control of how much you are cutting.

I'm sure I'll do some more carving

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