Sunday, November 6, 2016

Plywood mallet for my daughter

Since I make the plywood mallet, my daughter showed a lot of interest in the mallet, she thought it was very cute, and also want one. So I make one for her, I wanted the mallet to be very light, so she don't damage furniture, at least not easily. And I want it to be not out of exotic wood, so it's cheaper.

I used this cheap pine ply from homedepot, it's pretty cheap, and has many plys, and is very uniform. The handle is from a 2x4, so it couldn't be cheaper. I turned the place where the handle meets the head to a nice gentle curve, it the ring from the ply blend into the handle nicely. My daughter was very happy about it

Tape holder

Emma loves doing crafts, and tape if a tool she use a lot. I always want to make a cute tape holder for her. I prototyped with some ...