Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Workbench articulating light, give me toothache

I really want a work bench light, so it can reach the bench area. Especially when I was doing some detail work, I want a spot light that can focus on the area I was working on. But the bench was in the middle of the room, and to clamp or put a light on the bench will bump into things, and when I need the whole bench surface, I need to put the light away.

I had this inspiration when I, you guessed it, visited my dentist, not only the chair feels very comfortable, the light was really flexible, it can point the light beam to a single tooth and when you don't need it, simply push it away, and it fold neatly to the ceiling.

Dentist light is like any medical machine/tools, way over priced. And you know me, I have to make it myself, even if I can afford it :) The basic design is like a articulating desk light, but mounted up side down. The build is pretty simple, took me a morning.

Measured the diameter of my light (purchase from Amazon) cut the light head shape out.

the arms are made from 3/4 pine, 1 inch wide. I use 1/4 ply on the end to add some strength on the hinge area. The whole light pivot on a 1 inch galvanized pipe, hanging down from ceiling.

The light head can yaw and pitch

The light has pretty big reach, when it's fulling extended, it has about 50 inch horizontal reach, and can reach down to the surface of the bench.

I added a pipe cap as a stop at the bottom of the pipe.

The light beam is pretty focused, and 27w give me plenty of light. Really like it, just one problem, every time I see the light, my tooth ache :)

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