Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Auto loading candy shotgun

Halloween is around the corner, I want to make a fun toy for the kids. I saw this awesome video from Izzy Swan. I think the design is great, but I want a different style. I also got a lot of ideas from

First, draw out the design on paper, and tweak it to my liking. I based it on a shotgun, but want a cartoon bold look yet the gun needs to be balanced and feels nice to the touch.

Than cut out some cardboard to 1:1 size, so I can visualize the look and feel.

Than I transfer the design to a hard board, cut out and sand to line as template. I make one for the gun stock, one for the barrel.

The gun stock is make from walnut, I need about 1 inch thickness, so cut up 2 piece of 3/4

resaw one in half, so I can make the gun stock from a sandwich.

The trigger mechanism is the trickiest in this project, I want the it to be hidden. I used a Ash piece as a spring, and the how trigger mechanism is in between the gun stock, that means once the gun stock is glued up, it would be very hard to service. But I went with this route anyway, because I like the look. You can also use connector bolt to fasten the gun stock, but that will leave some gap.

 The barrel is made from two piece of walnut and two piece of birch ply. I really like the color contrast of dark walnut and light birch.

tweaking the loading mechanism. I want to accommodate several different candy bars.

  Dry fit the slider.

Slider and barrel are done.

The power source is this latex rubber, powerful enough to have some fun with kids.

glueing up the plunger for ammunitions

 Glueing up the gun stock, this step is very stressful, because I need to glue it with trigger inside. I oil/waxed the trigger, so it won't stick with glue.

Glue dried, Read for some shaping!

I use Rasp for initial shaping, and sand paper for smoothing.

The end of the gun stock has some bad tear out from routing, I filled it with glow-in-dark epoxy

Some relief cut for finger on the trigger.

 All done, ready for some finish.

I use simple oil/wax finish, it turns out really nice, I'm really happy with the cartoon like silly looking. Can't wait to have some fun on the weekend.

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