Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Making Spartan soldier knife block

Our old knife block that came with the knife set are getting old, and hard to clean. My wife want a new one. I found this design, and really like it.

The article does provide CAD drawing, but I found the shape can be refined. So I decided to draw up my own soldier.

I first draw it up on a piece of paper, tweak it until I'm satisfied.

Emma's version of the soldier, I admit, her soldier is cuter.

I might want to use the design again in the future, so instead of transfer it directly onto plywood, I transferred it onto a hard board.

Cut out the hardboard on a bandsaw and sand to line. Here I use my homemade belt grinder horizontal setup.

Made another template of the soldier for the two sides. this one without the helmet.

Trace out line on plywood and rough cut.

Tape the hardboard to the plywood and use a flush trimming bit to trim to template.
I drilled a 1/2 hole for magnets and rounded the edge of the two side pieces and glued the sandwich.

Similar way to cut out the shield. To join the shield to the soldier, I'm using two 1/4 dowels.

Dry fit looks good, now cut out the slot for knife, I drilled a line of holes and then use the drill bit to clean up the slot.

Final glue up. The base join to the soldier in the same way, using two 1/4 dowels.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. If I'd do it again, I'll probably use 1/4 ply for the center piece and use 1/2 ply for the sides.

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