Monday, September 26, 2016

hand plane pouch

I use this hand plane a lot that I think it would be cool to have to always close by hand. So I made this leather pouch with belt loop for it. It's the first time leather working, I watched lots of Youtube videos and read some book, also some of my coworkers are also into leather working, they helped me a lot. Although it took me a about a day to make this simple pouch, I'm pretty happy with the result.

First cut out the shape on a 1/8 inch veg tan leather, I wrapped the plane to protect it from wet forming.

I submerged the leather in water for about a minute to soften it, then stretch it around the plane. I use the staple to hold the leather down on a piece of scrap wood, and use some pencil to define the corner.

To hold the shape, I put it in the oven on low heat to dry it.

 The belt loop is just the bottom piece fold over, I wet it and formed it around the belt.

Mark out the stitch line.

Glued it down to hold it for stitching.

use pricking iron to pouch out the holes.

Stitch is done, pretty happy with it.

After the stitching, I found the pouch is a little too tight, I wet form it again to give it stretch it more.

Then oil and finish it.

I think I'm really like leather working, it's very similar to wood working in a way of craftsmanship.

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