Monday, July 25, 2016

Belt grinder tool rest and attachment upgrade

Ever since I build the belt grinder, I used it a lot, it worked great. Then when I try to grind my lathe tool, I find myself needing a tool rest for the grinding jig and a flat tool rest with a 15 angle for the chisels. With my current tool rest set at 15 degree angle, there will be too big of a gap between chisel and belt.

In stead of just make a tool rest for each use, I want to design some system of tool rest that is:
- flexible to setup and change angle
- strong and no play when lock down
- easy enough to build
- reusable so I save on storage and build cost.

The system I come up with is the arm will have a 1 inch ID tube, the tool rest or extension arm will have a 1 inch OD tube that fit inside the the other tube, a set screw locks the inner tube securely.

To cut the half circle in the square tubing, I made a small wheel attachment to make the grinding much easier. The attachment is bought from on the other side of the small wheel attachment arm, I put a rod to take large wheels for hollow grinding. Again the wheel is trued in-place.

I mostly fusion welded the round tube on the square tube, since it's welded on 4 sides, it should be plenty strong.

The first one is a long extension, with a angle iron tool rest, it would serve as a rest for a lathe tool.

Then I made couple more tool rest, one for horizontal setup, one for low angle grinding etc. The system works great, locks down really firm, super easy to change tool rest, very flexible.

UPDATE(Oct 10, 2016)

I need to turn a set of wheel for my friends' belt grinder built, the tool rest system is so flexible that I can set it up in a way that I can even turn the wheel. I literally fold the tool rest to inside the grinder itself, very cool!

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