Friday, February 5, 2016


I really enjoy make tools myself, especially the simple tools, so you can focus a lot more on have the detail just right and make it beautiful. Not long ago, I ordered some icon from Hock tools. They make beautiful simple high carbon steels for hand tools. Here's how I used them to make a spokeshave.

I didn't follow the plan from Hock iron exactly, just to make it more complicated and fun.

Have all the materials you need for the build. The wood is some rose wood, not sure exactly what kind. It's hard, dense stable and beautiful.

Using a 45 degree jig, I dado-ed out the notch for the blade.

dado cut for the brass wearing piece.

cut out the clearance for the blade to sit in.

hand cut sliding dovetail for the brass wearing part, it's absolutely not necessary, but what part of the project is necessary anyway? I was having fun cutting and fitting it.

The brass screw is so soft that I stripped it twice, I have to drilled the broken screw out and epoxy-ed a maple dowel to fix it.

shaping the handle is the most fun part, I bandsaw cut out the rough shape, and rasped to comfortable grip, than sand and sand and sand...

A simple wax/oil finish really make the beautiful grain pop.

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