Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rocking horse

My daughter wanted a rocking horse for a while now, I want to make one for her as new year present.

I found this design I really like from Internet.

One challenge to make something from a picture is to transcribe it into 1:1 plan. I draw some grid on the picture, and draw the same number of grids on a hardboard, than draw it on by hand.

The first step is to make the rocker. I bent laminated a curved bottom with 1 layer of Walnut, 1 layer of Ash and 1 layer of Walnut and another layer of Ash. Each layer is slightly more than 1/8 thick.

The body:
I want the body to be 1 inch thick, but I only have ½ and ¾ inch ply. So I rough cut out the shape and glued two layers of ½ together.

Once the glue dried, I use sled and some simple jig to cut out the leg on the table saw. The body is bandsaw cut and router cut with a follower bit.

The legs are joint by couple dowels through the body. I jigged up to drills straight holes through leg.

The dowel are made from red oak, with a simple jig like this

The seat is made from a piece of Peruvian walnut. I bandsaw cut out the seat curve and hand shaped it. The seat is cut in half and will be join with dowels like the legs. There’s a check at the corner of the seat, I used a maple butterfly key to make sure it doesn’t open more, it looks pretty nice.

Handle turned on a lathe from walnut.

Ready for glue up.

Body glued up

To make sure the rocker fit perfectly on the bottom of the leg, I put the sand paper to a thin piece of wood between the leg and rocker, sand until the rocker is flush with the end of the foot.

The rockers are join to the foot also by ½” dowel.

My daughter can’t wait to ride it, the glue is not dry yet.

Shaping the rocker tips.

Some detail shots

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