Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cutting board, such a cliche

As a woodworker, you have to make a cutting at some point, just no way around it ;)

But to make it more interesting, I made mine with a bit character.

Starting with ripping all the wood piece into 3/4 square cross section. I used many different pieces: walnut, maple, cherry, oak, ash, paduke etc.

Then cutting it into about 1.5 inch long pieces. And guess what I found in the wood? a lead shot, probably from years back.

All pieces cut, and as an OCD, I have to stack them neatly.

I used a melamine board as a backing board, so the glue won't stuck with it, and screwed on two wood as fence so I can align the blocks square.

I glue up two rows at a time, if there's a gap, I'll plane it flat.

Once it's glued up, I glued two piece to each end of the board, and send it through the planer.

After that I cut off the edge piece on a table saw.

And after some sanding, I poured on some mineral oil.

And I made some more boards.

After all the boards, these are all the blocks that are left.

The one I make for my wife is a bit special, I routed the edge so it fits inside the sink, and slides. The surface of the cutting board is higher than the counter top, so knife won't cut onto the counter top.

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