Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My first real furniture - closet drawer unit

I claim myself a amateur wood worker, but besides lots of clamps, I don't have other fact to back it up, I never made a real furniture. My wife has been complained about the closet for a while that we don't have enough drawers to organize our things, so I figure that's something I can make, and more importantly, I can finally use my screw advanced box joint jig :)

The unit is going to be made of pine and 1/4 ply with as little screw as possible.

 Here I cut out the box joints for the frame, I need to adjust the space for the screw advanced jig (by moving the tape one tooth further) and it's a perfect fit!

 Cutting the glued up frame in half to for the front and back frame.
 Glue in support beam and side and top panels. The one you see is the top panel. The support beam is made from 2 by 4 lumber, the color doesn't match the pine. I should've used pine for this part as well.

 fully loaded. it's heavy to push through the blade. I should mount the handle on the jig more centered on the guide bar. the jig is designed by woodgears
 fingers cut for drawers, did that on the box joint jig of cause, in one pass!!

 varnish the frame. I use shellac
Drawers glued up and slot cut for rails and bottom. The joints looks perfect after sanding!

 running out of place to put all the drawers for varnish.

 Initially I wanted to do a false front, but then the raw look of the pine, turns out pretty good. I'll leave it as is for now. The rails are just some 1/2 by 3/4 hard wood running on a dado on the drawers.

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