Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Box joint jig

I purchased Matthias' most popular plan, the screw advanced joint jig plan long time ago, but was busy with the jointer build, only until recently, I have the time to build it. As always, the plan was well sort out, easy to follow and joy to build.

The build is relatively easy, no much tricky cuts, I highly recommend if you need to cut finger joints from time to time.

 I made the box out of 1 inch MDF, MDF is not super strong, but it's dimensionally stable and cuts cleanly. Here I'm cutting out 45 spline slots.

spline glued in.


glue on a maple piece, as this side will serve as a V rail slot, needs to withstand some wear.
I use poplar and birch for the frame.
All the piece are cut and ready for initial assemble.
The rod is 3/8 16 threaded rod, the drive gear is 48 teeth, the slave gear is 12 teeth, that means I advance the carriage 1/4 inch for every turn of the main gear.

bit tight, but does work on the first try.

I added a handle for it.

Varnished with home made 3 parts wipe one (oil based poly, BLO, mineral spirit) and put it back.

the space in my workshop is already very crowded, I want to keep this jig close to my table saw yet not take up too much space. so I made a drop down shelf for it. Now it's always close at hand yet out of the way!

I made a drawer unit using this machine. it's superb!

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