Tuesday, November 11, 2014

tool storage / miter saw station

As I collected more and more tools, I need a more efficient way to organize them. My requirements for the storage system is:
- double as a miter saw station support on both sides
- can see all the tools
- prefer drawer to maximize storage
- modular design, easy to change or upgrade.
- off the floor, easy to sweep/vacuum
- cheap to build
- looks nice

I found Ron Paulk's moduler design to be really good use of space. I based on his design, here's some highlights of the tool storage/miter saw station:
- all cabinets are made of 3/4 white birch ply
- there're two depth on the upper cabinet, so the deeper cubby can store bigger tools, and the shallower cubby doesn't bump your head.
- all the drawers on the lower cabinet are the same size, so they can be swapped. (except the drawer on the right most side, they are different width.)
- drawers run on the dado on the cabinet

To my surprise, it only took me a weekend to finish the cabinet, it showed how easy the construction is.

Here's how it's built:

I use to have a french cleat system on the wall, but soon I found I almost never move things around, and it's not very efficient use of space. So I took the wall down first.

Cubby slots routed for the upper cabinet. I made a big mess with no dust collection running for routing.

the construction is really simple, just screwed together.

Upper cabinet mounted. I use the space on top of the cabinet for lumber storage.

Lower cabinet is build in a similar way. Dado was cut as rails for the drawer.

Lower cabinet mounted. The miter saw sits on a 3/4 ply that slides in a dado slots, so I can pull the saw out if I need some clearance.

Than making all the drawers, they are glued and screwed together. I didn't expect the drawers will use so much plywood. I gave the cabinet and drawers one coat of wipe-on poly.

 And it's done. Really quick project, really functional. I found it's really hard to put tools away when you don't have a place to put them, now that I have the space to put them, it's much easier to clean up the shop.

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