Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New table saw the SawStop

I used to have a Grizzly G715P table saw, it's a great saw for the money, it doesn't cut terribly accurate out of the box, but after grinding the arbor and everything, it does ok. My dad always think the table saw is a safety bomb, and want to get me something safer. I, on the other hand, can use the excuse to get some thing nicer, something better quality. I've used the sawstop at a shared work space, it runs very smooth and cuts very clean, of cause the break system is a plus.

So I ordered myself a PCS 3HP with 52inch fence. I can tell from the packaging it's much more expensive then my previous saw.

The fence have a dent to it, the dealer send me a brand new fence after my complain.

The assembling went pretty smooth, everything is well documented. Except I have to file a hole 1mm bigger to bring the wing fully level with the table top. I complained this to Sawstop CS, got a free break carriage.

Immediately after assemble the saw, I figured I want several improvement:
1. I want to use the extension wing as router table, in my small shop this space is not to be wasted.
2. I need the outfeed table at the back.

The outfeed table on my old table saw is make from two 3/4 MDF, it's soooo heavy I don't want to re use it. But the dove tail sliding leg is pretty steady. I made the outfeed table from the extension table surface came with the saw, which is very light and flat and the dove tail sliding leg I made for my old saw.

I made the router table surface from a birch ply with melamine top, I put in two combination t slot in. so I can use standard 3/4 sleds or I can use 1/4 bolts to secure the fence.

Here is the saw in the shop!

UPDATE: I sold this saw on Jan 2016.

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