Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Foldable replacable top 2*4 saw horse

I have a big project coming up, and I need more saw horses. There are plenty of saw horses on the market, some are reasonably priced. but I can't find one that will fit my need exactly. sooo, as usual, I'm making one myself.


obvious, it's a basic ask for a saw horse

replacable top:
My current saw horses have many saw marks, I'd like my saw horse to be able to swap out the top easily

shop real estate is really limited, save space whenever I can

Tool rest:
It would be nice to have a platform to put my tools on.


The most famous design on the internet is this one.
- it's made of 2*4
- the hardware required is minimum.
- pretty sturdy, and fold flat
- no where to put tools
- no place to put tools
- need belt tension to setup

So here's my design, I use two piece of plywood to replace the belt system. it setup in a sec with one and. The platform also serve as a place for rest tools on.

This design does use around $20 of hardware, I think I can replace hinge with bolt, to bring the cost down.

The other down side is that it doesn't fold as flat as I want it to be, but I think I already have a solution in mind.

stay turned...

the left side bar serves as a panel rest. the right size bar serves as a place to grab on.

super sturdy!!

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