Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Table Saw Outfeed Table

Outfeed table on a table saw is not just for convenience, it's a really important tool to keep it safe. I have couple times that I need to press down on a cutting stock that is pretty scary when I think back. Frakly, I think every table saw should come with an outfeed table.

The idea was a copy from this post

I did it exactly the way the post did it.

I attached 1/8 by 1.5 angle iron to the back of my saw to support the hinge part

I glued two piece of MDF for the table surface. The end piece of 1.5 inch thick was really heavy, I should just 1/2 inch MDF for the smoothness of the surface and plywood for the backing. MDF was not very good at keep flat without support. And I use contact cement to glue a piece of melamine as the wear surface. With the limited space in my shop, I figure I may ended up using the outfeed table as some assembly/glue-up surface.

then I biscuit joint some 1.5 by 1.5 lumber to MDF surface.

I cut the miter slot on the table saw, it doesn't needs to be precise, just need to be wider enough to let the miter rail pass.

For the leg part, it's a really long sliding dove tail. I use cheap plywood and some scrap pine, it turns out strong enough. I don't feel any move after the table is setup.

If I ever do it again:
- replace the two layer of MDF with a single layer of 1/2 inch mdf and ply backing to reduce weight
- make the table surface slightly heigher (1/16 lower then the saw surface). currently it's about 1/8 lower then saw surface.

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