Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long reach clamp

Now I have made the Tenon jig, I'm keen to try it out, and make something useful. I'm in need for some long reach clamps to glue up my jointer table, So I made myself some long reach clamps.


Obviously it's Martthias' invention. I figure the way he made the pad could be improved, and I think the way John made the pads are great. So I incorporated both.


I cut some joints on some scrap to test the tenon jig, it turns out great. I didn't want to wast that piece, it ended up as my extra large mouth clamp.

Cutting joints


The threaded rod is epoxy-ed into the slightly undersized hole on the handle.

 I rounded the edge of the nuts that goes inside the pad.



polyurethane over latex

In use


I tested the pressure, I can easily generate 200lbs of force, but the arm start to bend, the joint is still going strong. I think if I'd ever make it again or if the arm broke, I'll beefy up the arm, it should be able to generate 400lbs.

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