Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flip Top Cart

My shop space is too precious to let planer and miter saw have their own stand, so I decided to put them on to the same cart.

- the planer bed needs to be around the same height as my table saw
- it needs to have some storage underneath
- needs to be mobile
- when in locked position, needs to be reasonably sturdy. No play on the shaft.
- possible to swap out the tool for other.

I found a lot useful info on this page.

For the rotating shaft, I'm using 1/2 rod readily available from Homedepot. I bought some brass bushing so there's no rubbing contact between metal and wood. and I figure there will be a lot pressure on that rod.

I routed out half circle on two piece of ply and screwed them together. The rod in there is very snug. I didn't glue the top, so if I really want to fix something, I can still take it apart, and the bolt for the tools will be through both piece, that should clamp them pretty tight.

to secure the flipping top, I use some eye bolt. So there're total of 6 point to keep the top firmly in place.

Because I can't have any back board to give the cart lateral ridgidity, I cut 4 right angle piece of ply and firmly attached to the frame. It does help, but does not eliminate the wobble. Next I'll try to cut a snug piece for back of the bottom drawer opening, hope that whill help.

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